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Need a custom fitting?

We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom fittings, pipe ends, and flanges. If you need a custom fitting, you are in the right place. Big or small, we can do them all.

Bracket Fabrication

Custom Bracket Fabrication

Need a hanger, bracket or support structure? We can do it. We will design, test and fabricate the bracket to fit your project. From flat drilled brackets to cut and bent brackets, you can count on Cedar Industries to deliver the right product.

CNC Turning

Precision CNC metal turning

Pulleys, wheels, drums or anything round. It’s right up our alley. From concept to completion, Cedar Industries has been the area leader in CNC metal turning and fabrication. For more information on our services or to have us quote your project, contact us TODAY!

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

Not everyone can do what we do. This is a very specialized part of our business. We will design the program and custom bend the tubing you need for your application. Complete with flared ends and fittings, we will deliver a precisely fabricated product on time, every time.

Dynamic Balancing

Is that flywheel vibrating?

This is another area of specialty at Cedar Industries. We will take your wheels or pulleys and find out where the balance issue is and fix it. Or precise measuring equipment and skilled techs will deliver your product balanced, trued and ready for service.